Verity Educate examines UC Riverside Course for anti-Israel bias

Verity Educate recently issued a preliminary report on a course offered at UC Riverside entitled “Palestine & Israel: Settler-Colonialism and Apartheid.”  See this article about our findings. “Why is This Blatantly anti-Semitic Course Still Being Offered at UC Riverside?”  Read our preliminary analysis, conducted for the AMCHA Initiative, here.

New Op-Ed in the Washington Times

  Read our latest opinion piece in the Washington Times about federal funding for Middle East “outreach” centers at universities that sponsor exclusively anti-Israel and anti-Semitic public events.  The true nature of these events were recently exposed in a report by the AMCHA Initiative. A range of perspectives, but all anti-Israel: UCLA center uses federal funds to promote pro-Palestinian views by Ellen R. Wald  

Verity Educate on Point of View Radio

Verity Educate executive director, Ellen R. Wald, was recently interviewed on Point of View Radio about Middle East curricula in high schools and the Newton Report. Audio from Broadcast Video from Broadcast

More Lies from Boston/Newton

It has come to our attention that the Jewish Advocate of Boston has published an article that employs misinformation to impugn Verity Educate’s reputation and the reputation of its Executive Director, Ellen Wald.When we first learned that the Advocate would be printing an article with misinformation about us we tried multiple times, in multiple formats to ensure that the Advocate had the correct information.  Our efforts were apparently ignored.  Moreover, we continue to insist that criticism we directed at the facts and evidence presented in our report, not through personal attacks. We have sent the following response to the editor and publisher of the Advocate, requesting …Read more »

Academic Dishonesty in Newton, MA Curricula

Verity Educate’s report on the Middle East curricula taught in the Newton, MA public schools was recently featured on Truth Revolt!    

“Scathing Report Reveals Bias in Newton Schools”

  Boston article features Verity Educate report on Newton, MA Middle East curricula

CAIR: A Shocking Textbook Expert on Peace and Religion

Why is this image wrong? Let us count the ways. 1) The quote does not come from CAIR. It does not even come from a press release. It comes from a fatwa issued by the Fiqh Council of North America at a press conference convened by CAIR. The press release, dated a day earlier, did not contain any such line. 2) CAIR is not a religious authority. It is an activist and advocacy group. In fact, in that press release, CAIR described itself as, “America’s largest Muslim civil rights group.” Educational material should not use advocacy groups as authorities, let …Read more »

What We Strive For

  What do you do when editors place an unfortunately worded headline above an opinion piece you wrote? We have been struggling with that issue since last night. An opinion piece of ours was published today in the Washington Times about the need for people to witness atrocities—particularly the atrocities being perpetrated right now in Iraq—because we cannot rely on history books to accurately portray them. The column was not an attack on anyone. In the column, we explain that textbooks have sanitized historical atrocities that were similar or identical in nature to those now committed by ISIS. The Washington …Read more »

Religion in Textbooks: What Will You Find?

We focus so much on the inaccuracies and biases in how textbooks teach Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  It’s time to look at how textbooks handle some ancient Eastern religions.  Remember, these textbooks are used in public schools.  Where is the 1st Amendment line drawn? This brief look at Eastern religions comes from a new project Verity Educate is beginning in Ohio.  More to come later! Buddhism Several textbooks present the enlightenment of Siddhartha Gautama as fact.  They even refer to him as “The Buddha,” meaning, “the enlightened one.”  Essentially, they teach that the central elements of Buddhism are true.  See for yourself:     …Read more »

Young Americans support the terrorists?

Why do 1/3 of young Americans blame Israel for the current conflict with Hamas?  Controversial new Times of Israel column from Verity Educate executive director Ellen R. Wald.

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