What We Offer

Verity Educate provides the following services:


  • thorough reports on the accuracy and objectivity of a textbook or curriculum, with point-by-point review
  • writings on issues of educational accuracy and objectivity
  • experts and scholars for speaking engagements
  • consulting for organizations involved in educational content causes
  • assistance creating objective learning materials.

Curriculum Review
We can review full curricula or just a particular textbook, chapter, handout, or assignment.  Each review ends in a full, written report of the material, including: identification of any point of factual inaccuracy or ideological bias.  Verity Educate scholars employ their knowledge—gained through years of learning, scholarship, and teaching—to research each point, explain and refute inaccuracies and biases, and cite authoritative and pre-eminent literature on the subject when warranted.  Our reports also analyze the effect of specific inaccuracies and biases on the students’ education.

Written Materials
Periodically Verity Educate experts author or co-author opinion pieces or other written materials highlighting inaccuracies and biases that may be found in textbooks or curricula.  Our opinion pieces and articles seek to inform the public and engage parents, communities, and educators so that they may make educated decisions about their schools.

Speaking Engagements
Verity Educate experts and scholars have spoken about their findings of inaccuracy and bias in textbooks and curricula, the sources and causes of inaccuracy in educational materials, and the particular subject matters of their expertise.

Consulting for Organizations
Verity Educate experts are available to consult with established organizations.  We bring expertise in educational pedagogy, curriculum development, subject matter, and general issues of content review.

Educational Material Creation
Verity Educate experts are devoted to accuracy and objectivity in education.  To that end, we are available for assistance in creating objective learning materials       including curricula, texts, assignments, and multi-media.

Specific Subjects of Expertise
At Verity Educate, we will work to help you with any bias in any subject matter.  When we do not cover an area of expertise in-house, we contract with experts and academics who are devoted to objectivity, and we work alongside them to prepare thorough reports.

Our primary areas of expertise include:

  • American history
  • Twentieth Century history
  • Civics/American government
  • Early America and the American revolution
  • The Constitution and Constitutional interpretation
  • Ideas of American Exceptionalism
  • The Middle East
  • Capitalism, socialism, and other economic systems
  • Ancient civilizations
  • Military history
  • Industrialization
  • The Cold War
  • Diplomatic history
  • World religions
  • American literature
  • Environment and energy useKennedy

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